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Model Works LA Inc. Technology

At Model Works LA Inc. we understand the importance of precision and detail in bringing a design concept to life. Our expert model crafters have been perfecting innovative modeling techniques for decades. Accurate interpretation of a project's technical drawings and insightful communication of it's design concept are ensured by our resident architect.

From our state-of-the-art computerized studio, even the most intricate models have been shipped to destinations around the world within 48 hours... a common requirement for international design competitions.

Though we are perhaps best known for our elaborate and sophisticated models representing projects throughout the world, Model Works Inc. also produces all manner of other three-dimensional expressions.

These may range from illustrating the intricate details of building components to simplistic massing studies of entire cities. A model can be made to serve any budget or design objective, and can often save countless hours of expensive design time by bringing to light important design issues early in the process.

The next time you need to express an idea in three dimensions, let us show you why our unyielding quality, absolute dependability, and enthusiastic responsiveness to the most demanding designers have earned Model Works Inc. a dedicated clientele the world over.




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